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about me

“My art wouldn’t do without belief – [belief] that I can convey a message,” says artist Matt Brown, whose artistic practice spans subjects and areas ranging from Expressionism to the abstract, cityscapes to landscapes, and everything in between.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Brown now resides in Santa Barbara, California, an area known for its nearby wine country and lush, expansive coastal scenery. Relocating has significantly impacted upon Brown’s art, inspiring fluidity and freedom. “Moving out to Santa Barbara, California has inspired a lot of my most recent abstracts and soon-to-be industrial and graffiti themes as well. It’s a beautiful place, and I do recognize that things flow a lot more smoothly than back home in Cleveland,” says Brown.

Brown first started to get really serious about art about five years ago, and he’s since won awards for his graffiti-inspired work. For Brown, painting is a visceral, emotionally-driven act that connects him to the world at-large: “Painting for me is a creative outlet. The urge to create something out of nothing is so strong. Producing art helps me feel like I’m contributing something good to society.”

Brown works primarily with acrylics, favoring their drying time for his work. He employs an Intermixable approach when painting, which he says has been a “huge help” in refining his practice whilst also expanding the creative possibilities that lie therein: “Laying down the foundation on certain pieces using Spray Paint, or coming in at the end with drops of Soft Body or Ink! helps my overall direction, for the most part.” In terms of his subject matter and thematics, Brown is nothing if not flexible: “Whatever comes across my mind, or helps me to get inspired, [I paint]. I have been leaning more towards the industrial/graffiti theme [lately], so stay tuned for that!”